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A conservation initiative dedicated to protecting the region's natural environmental custodians.

About the Initiative

Located just outside Underberg in the heart of the Southern Drakensberg region, the Mzimkulu Vulture Hide allows up to six guests to view endangered Vultures, as well other birds and mammals, while supporting Vulture Conservation through this Vulture Safe Feeding Site. The primary objective of this initiative is to provide the Southern Drakensberg with a sustainable safe feeding site for vultures.


Fitted with one-way glass designed for clear photography and featuring breathtaking mountainous backdrops, the Mzimkulu Vulture Hide is ideal for nature lovers, birders and bird photography enthusiasts. Comfortable seating, darkened windows, WiFi and a few electrical plug points for recharging camera batteries and phones, make for an enjoyable experience. The Hide is also equipped with educational material to ensure visitors leave having learnt more about conservation and wildlife in the region. 


Wild visitors to the hide include Cape Vultures, Bearded Vultures, Yellow-billed Kites, various Eagle species, Sacred Ibis, White-necked Ravens, Bokmakieries, Black-backed Jackals and occasionally Large Grey Mongoose. On the track to the hide you can find Ant-eating Chats, Quail Finch, Grey Crowned Crane and the occasional Red-capped Lark, Cape Longclaw and Common Quail.  Also look out for Long-tailed Widows and the very busy Yellow-crowned Bishop, Fan-tailed Widow and various Cisticolas species and more. 


The funds raised through visitor bookings are used to keep the Vulture Safe Feeding Site and Hide operational. 


A Photographer's Dream

Get up close and personal with some of South Africa's iconic and endangered birds. This is a one of a kind opportunity for photographers to get that shot of a lifetime or for bird and nature enthusiasts to simply just enjoy being within such a short proximity to these incredible species. 

You can choose to book a seat in the hide or alternatively you can book the entire hide. 

                             BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL!


Help Save our Vultures

You can help by donating to the cause, simply click the link below. 


Vulture Populations are in
serious decline!

There are eight vulture species in southern Africa. With an average decline of 62% in their populations over the past 30 years, and with six of the eight species recently up listed to critically endangered, the future of our vulture populations is looking bleak.

-Project Vulture

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